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SAP Business One Website Integration


My client is using SAP Business One to manage their inventory.  Can you help me get this systems integrated with their website?


I took a look at the SAP Business One website, but could not find any information on a way to integrate it with their website. 

I was hoping to find a published application programming interface (API) that would allow us to communicate with SAP Business One direction.  It does look like SAP Business One comes in two varieties:

  1. On-Premise
  2. Cloud

Whether an API exists may depend on what version your client is using.  Very often, we find vendors that have cloud-based software also have an API. 

Even if SAP doesn't have an API, we can still do an integration using an "inventory report" from Business One.  This report is usually a CSV file that is uploaded to our system.  Once upload, it will automatically update inventory and pricing online.  You can upload this report to us using our Store Manager portal or automate the process by sending it to FTP.  You can read more about what an inventory report and an integration of this sort looks like here:

Of course, working with you and SAP is our preferred method so we can get this completely automated for you.

Please Contact Us and we'll be happy to work with you and your customer to get SAP Business One integrated with your website.