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Shopify POS Needs Addtional Features


Hello. I'm a partner at a clothing store, and we currently use Shopify and an iPad to process sales and input inventory. We are also using a Shopify template for our web store.

These are the main features we use:

  1. Monitor inventory
  2. Drop ship items that are not at the physical location
  3. Sync inventory from our website to match the store and also products on eBay
  4. Gather customer information
  5. Track taxes
  6. Issue gift cards
  7. Access inventory from mobile devices

These are the features we need:

  • We would like to have more detailed sales tracking that shows trends and revenue VS margin on transactions or by date span
  • Break-down of vendors, item sales, revenue margin
  • A smarter inventory control that helps give us a better idea on what and when to put specific items on sale or adjust the price
  • A smarter customer information management, maybe track customers, social media and so forth
  • Accounting ability would be nice

Can you help me?



Frankly, it sounds like Shopify’s POS isn’t cutting it for you, and what you need is a more powerful POS system.

While we don’t sell POS software, we do integrate with a lot of different systems which you can see here:

We integrate with so many powerful POS systems, it would be impossible for me to pick one for you.  However, all of the POS systems listed on the page above can be integrated with Shopify.  This gives you the best of both worlds -  Shopify, which is wonderful e-commerce platform, leveraged with a sophisticated and mature POS system!

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.  Thank you.