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POSIM WooCommerce Integration


I'm building a website for my client's knitting store in WordPress.  Naturally WooCommerce is the logical choice as he wants a site that leverages content creation and social interaction (WordPress) vs a from the cradle eCommerce software (Magento, OpenCart, PrestaShop, ZenCart et. al.)

HOWEVER he has his heart set on POSIM point-of-sale. Not sure why and am not qualified to say if this is a wise decision. POSIM has a Magento hook and that's it.

Do you know if your tool would integrate with POSIM's database?  If not, can you give me advise on the choice of POSIM and perhaps other solutions he should consider? At present, it doesn't seem he can afford Magento.


Thank you for contacting Modern Retail.  I have to say your e-mail is "so on point"!!!

So many POS companies are turning to Magento for their one and only e-commerce solution.  While we love Magento, and build sites on it daily, it is not the right platform for every store.  Customers have varying needs and need a variety of options when it comes to e-commerce.  We’ve been working hard to convince POS vendors they need to give their customer choices when it comes to e-commerce, and they can’t offer them a single solution.

I also agree with your comments about the WordPress / WooCommerce combination for content creation and social media.  Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing are so very important, and WordPress really makes it easy!  I can certainly see how your knitting store would want to write, blog, post videos of their customers creations, etc., and using WordPress would make all of this so easy!

Here’s what I recommend.  Please ask your customer to e-mail his sales rep at POSIM and let them know they are interested in getting POSIM integrated with WooCommerce.  Contact Us when this has happened and we'll be happy to meet with POSIT to see what can be done!  We have integrations with more than a dozen POS system, and I have no doubt we can get POSIM integrated with WooCommerce.

The good news is even if they don’t want to do an integration, we can still get the two systems talking by using an Inventory Report from POSIM.  Please read:

FYI, I’m heading to San Francisco on Sunday for the WooCommerce 2014 Conference.  Will you be there by any chance?   I would be happy to meet with you and discuss this in person!