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Teamwork Retail WooCommerce Integration


I use a cloud-based POS system called Teamwork Retail.  Can you integrate Teamwork Retail with my WooCommerce website?  I don't know if it's possible because I believe they only integrate with Magento today.


I took a look at the Teamwork Retail website  and you're right, they only seem to have an integration with Magento today.

We don't currently have an integration with Teamwork Retail.  However, we'd love to have one!  Please contact Teamwork Retail and let them know you're interested in getting Teamwork Retail integrated with your WooCommerce website. 

Contact Us when you're ready and we'll set up a 3-way call (or we'd be happy to talk to them on your behalf) to see what it will take to get Teamwork Retail integrated with WooCommerce.  Thank you.