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Microsoft Dynamics NAV WooCommerce Integration


Hello, I am building a WooCommerce powered website for a food distributor.

The installation has around 7 typical WordPress pages and a WooCommerce catalog of around 1000 products. Currently, my plan is to load the products and update the catalog using a csv spreadsheet (given to me by another administrator).

The company has requested the catalog be automatically updated from their NaVision (Microsoft NAV) system and include further features of individual customer logins and individualized pricing (also stored by the NaVision system). There is no cart, check-out, etc. required on the WordPress site. The WooCommerce is only a catalog, so the information would only have to be passed from NaVision to WooCommerce.

Are you able to help? Can you provide me with a ballpark quote within 24 hours please?



We don’t currently have an integration with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, so we'll need your help if you want this automated.  Do you know if NAV has an API? 

If they do, then it would be fairly easy to get their API talking with our API, which will in turn, automatically update WooCommerce. See: 

Of course, you could pull the information out of NAV and write to this API with the same results if you wished.
Please Contact Us if you have additional information about Microsoft Dynamics NAV API or if you wish to write to our API directly.  We'd love to work with you to get this integration going.  Thank you.