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Item Level Allow Backorder


Sometimes we only want to back order certain sizes that we can drop ship. How would we set this up?



This is not our default set up for Allow Backorder, but it can be done. Please let us know if you want to do this, and we can turn it on for you. 

Once it is turned on, you would set the status of the items you want to show on the site to "true" on the edit options page of the product and the ones you do not want to show to "false."

Once you have it set the way you want, save the page. Only the items set to true should show in the dropdown.


NOTE: The "Allow Backorder" box on the main page of the product does not have to be checked for this to work. With item level backorder turned on, if the box is checked, all items are then set to "true." You can then change the ones you do not want to "false" and save. This is an alternative to the instructions above that will work equally as well.