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EFI Monarch WooCommerce Integration


I'm trying to find a retail POS plugin that would work with WordPress themes we own (or can purchase), and that would integrate the front end with our warehouse management software. We are open to WooCommerce or another program. Our warehouse software is Monarch by EFI. Their developers said we need to have a system that will export through an OA broker an XML file to a folder on our database server. I have specifics as to what would have to be coded. We want something that we can plug into multiple storefronts that would all communicate to our single warehouse management software.



Yes, I believe we can help you with your WooCommerce integration with EFI Monarch Software.  Modern Retail has been integrating with systems for over a decade, and have a plethora of ways of sending data back and forth between disparate systems.  Yes, we can both accept and create XML from third-party systems like Monarch.  These files can be passed using web services, FTP and other mechanisms.  I took a quick look at the Monarch website, but couldn’t find any information regarding an application programming interface (API). In order to move forward, I would need to talk with someone from EFI to understand their capabilities.

Do you have any additional information regarding how we can send data back and forth with Monarch? If so, please Contact Us and we'll set up a 3-way call with you and EFI to figure out how we can get this integration going for you.

Thank you.