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BookManager WooCommerce Integration


We're a new store in the process of building a website using WooCommerce. I'm designing it myself as I'm familiar WordPress, WooCommerce, and have previously built and maintained an online store (although it was almost ten years ago using ZenCart).

Our POS system is BookManager, a system really catered to book stores. They have an online website solution, which won't really work for us for a number of reasons. However, their website solution is able to import/update customer information, and sync orders and qtys, so I know this is a possibility.

I'm interested in discovering if you can bridge the gap with our software and import customer orders/information, and what product information you may be able to pull from BookManager's xml database.

I look forward to hearing back from you shortly as we're eager to launch the website as quickly (and completely) as possible. Thanks.



Yes, if BookManager can give us the product data in an XML format, we can get it into WooCommerce for you.  Additionally, it looks like they might be able to accept and import as well.  In that case, we might also be able to automate the importing of customer and orders from your online sales into BookManager.

Please Contact Us and we'll set up a call to discuss your requirements.  I'd also be happy to have a 3-way call with BookManager to figure out how we can make this integration work for you.  Thank you.