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WooCommerce 2.3 (Handsome Hippo) Released

February 12, 2015

Today WooCommerce officially released version 2.3 aptly named, Handsome Hippo.  Below you'll find WooCommerce's release notes on this newest version.

What’s New?

As the codename Handsome Hippo (hopefully) suggests, a lot of attention in this release has been paid to WooCommerce’s appearance / UI, on both the front and back end.

On the frontend, we’ve added several little usability enhancements such as:

  • A more simplistic ‘flat’ design (for themes without a specific WooCommerce integration) and updated email design
  • The ability to remove products from the cart via the cart widget
  • Classes / markup for responsive tables (see the orders table on ‘my account’)
  • Moved the ‘Proceed to checkout’ button to a more appropriate location
  • An ‘undo’ option when removing products from the cart

We’ve also removed a couple of features:

  • The +/- quantity increment buttons – `input type=”number”` is well supported making this feature redundant
  • The style settings (button colors etc.)
  • The ability to create non pre-tax coupons, read full post

Both of these features can be replaced using their plugin counterparts:

The WooCommerce colors plugin will automatically detect any previous settings when you activate it so the transition will be smooth should you still need that functionality.