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Quickbooks POS Integration & Multiple WooCommerce Stores


I have an odd request, and from talking with other Quickbooks POS integration vendors, I don't think what I'm trying to do is possible.  I'm working on a website for a client where I need their Quickbooks POS software to integrate with two different stores.  Yes, this client will have two, maybe more, domains that need to be connected to same Quickbooks POS instance.  I'm planning on building all these websites using WooCommerce.  I'm praying you can help me!


Luckily we're not like other vendors; we can get this solved for you.  ;-)

I talked to our engineers, and they are suggesting the following configuration.

As data comes in from your Quickbooks POS software, it will be duplicated to two, or more, stores within our middleware.  From here, each of these stores will connect to your WooCommerce website using our WooCommerce Integrator.  As products get added or updated in Quickbooks POS, they will automatically be sent to Store1 and Store2.  This means that all products are duplicated and will reside in both stores.  If you don't want a product in say, Store1, then you can delete it from WooCommerce, and it will not show up again (our middleware remembers you've deleted it from Store1, and it will not send it again).  Any orders you receive from either Store1 or Store2 will be sent to Quickbooks POS once you've fulfilled the order in WooCommerce.  This setup gives you the ability to have a WooCommerce multi-store setup with only one Quickbooks POS instance.

Please Contact Us if you're interested in this setup, and we'll help you get it going.  Thank you.