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KWI POS Magento Integration


I'm using a system called KWI POS and would like it integrated with Magento. I noticed you do a lot of Magento development work and have an integration with Magento for many other POS systems.  However, I did not see an integration betweek KWI and Magento. Is that something you offer?


You are right we don't currently have an integration between KWI POS and Magento.  However, we'd love to have one!

If you could please get in contact with your rep at KWI we'd be happy to talk with them to see if we can get an integration going for your store.  Modern Retail has been integrating POS systems with websites for over a decade so I suspect we'll be able to figure something out if we can get our integration engineers speaking with KWI's developers.

Please Contact Us when you're ready for us to talk with KWI and we'll take it from there (we'll keep you involved of course).  If you want to jump on a call to discuss the KWI Magento integration in general terms, that's ok too. Simple let us know and we'll meet with you to explain what a typical Magento integration looks like and how the two systems synchronize data.  Thank you.