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Epicor ERP WooCommerce Integration


We are looking to use WooCommerce for an online store; our client requires us to integrate with Epicor ERP. Now, we would in most circumstances do this work ourselves, however we wanted to understand whether this sort of integration would work well with your WooCommerce Integrator and what the process might be to start a dialogue around having it integrated.


We would be happy to work with you to develop an integration between Epicor and WooCommerce.  Working together, I'm sure we can figure it out because we've literally done thousands of integrations across a variety of platforms. While you can always do it yourself, I'm sure we could be far more effective working together.  Additionally, you and your clients would automatically get the updates to our WooCommerce Integrator.  For example, in October 2014, we rolled out a new Dashboard to our WooCommerce Integrator that everyone seems to love.

Please Contact Us if you're interested in working together to develop the Epicor WooCommerce Integration.  Thank you.