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WooCommerce Magento Integration


Just a question about integration between WooCommerce and Magento. I have a webshop that is built on Magento and a new WordPress site where I want to use WooCommerce. Is it possible, with your services or someone elses, to integrate the two such that, when a customer buys a product on my new WordPress using WooCommerce, the order is sent automatically into my the Magento-backend of my other webshop?  So that I only have to look on my Magento as I am used to doing.


I’m sorry, we don’t have anything today that integrates WooCommerce with Magento.  However, we do have the "ability" to get WooCommerce integrated with Magento as you described.  Frankly, this has never come up before, so we doubt there's a very big market for people wanting to send WooCommerce orders to Magento.  If you're interested in moving forward, we could develop this for you as a "one-off" to our standard product line.

Please Contact Us if you're interested, and we'll estimate what this project would take and give you a fixed-fee proposal for the scope of work.  Thank you.