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Biztracker Infinity POS WooCommerce Integration


We are putting together a proposal for a potential client starting up a new e-commerce website. They currently use Biztracker Infinity POS system for their two stores. I did not see that POS system on your Woocommerce integration list. I'm interested in if this is a possible integration that could be developed.  Thank you for your help.



We would love to work with you to help your client with their Biztracker Infinity POS WooCommerce integration.  I took a quick look at Biztracker Infinity POS, and it wasn’t immediately apparent if they had an API:

If not, no worries. We can always integrate some other way, even with a CSV file if necessary:

Next steps.  I’m thinking we could get together for a call to discuss your project requirements.  From there we can decide if we need to get the client involved and Biztracker Infinity POS.

Please Contact Us and we'll get together to work this out.  Thank you.