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CPanel and FTP access


We would like CPanel access and access to the site using FTP. 


As a general rule, we do not provide access to CPanel for any of our clients. You would have to contact Modern Retail Support to make any changes related to that. 

Can you please let us know why you need FTP? You should be able to access/add anything with the tools available in HipCommerce and WordPress. If you can let me know what it is you are trying to do, I can point you in the right direction. 

As you can see from the image below, within HipCommerce, there are many tools to help you modify the site. For example, the Custom Script and Custom CSS tools allow you to add SEO and Styles to the site. 

The e-commerce plugin is a hosted service and not accessible by our clients; but you should be able to edit the entire site without it using the tools provided.  We do provide you with access to the development site where you can make changes to the site. We do not support any changes you make using it as the responsibility for those changes is yours, and any problems occurring from those changes that require our help would incur charges. Changes you make to the dev site can be rolled over to the live site, but there is a charge for that as it involves testing to make sure the changes do not do damage to the plugin or your site.

We have tried to give our clients the tools to be able to edit their site without using the FTP in order to provide stability and security for all our clients.