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Retail Pro 9 WooCommerce Integration


We are currently starting to work on Retail Pro 9. We have a website made in WooCommerce, and we would like to have it synced with Retail Pro. The store has 3 locations.  The Retail Pro Server also carries 2 brands that will not be connected (or may be connected with some selected styles).  Can you connect some brands and products, but not others?

Let me know if you can help me.



Yes, we can help! 

We have an integration now between Retail Pro and WooCommerce and it works great. Please read:

However, you'll notice that today it is only a "one-way integration."  Meaning, products are sent up to WooCommerce from Retail Pro, but completed Orders and Customers are not sent down to Retail Pro.  While this is planned for a future release, is it not available today.  

Our integration today uses the ON HAND: By Item report to update the inventory on your website. Please read:

As you can see, this report is very simple to create and uploading it to our Store Manager portal is just as easy, but it is a manual process today.  The good news is that when our full integration with Retail Pro is ready, you'll get the upgrade for free.

FYI, I’m heading to San Fransisco on Sunday for the WooCommerce 2014 Conference.  Will you be there by any chance?   I would be happy to meet with you and discuss this in person!