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MicroBiz Shopify Integration


I use a POS system called MicroBiz, but it only has an integration with Magento.  I knew that when I purchased MicroBiz, and I thought I wanted to use Magento because I've heard so many great things about it. But after working with it, I'm finding it much too complicated. I'm a little store, with limited resources, and think Shopify would be a better fit for me.  Can you help me get MicroBiz integrated with Shopify?



I took a look at the MicroBiz website and you're right, they only seem to have an integration with Magento today.  I also understand how you feel about Magento being too complicated for smaller retailers; I think you'll find Shopify to be pretty easy to use.

I actually worked with MicroBiz's Chief Architect (Tim Robidoux) back in 2005.  He was with CAM Commerce at the time and we worked together to get an integration going for Lori's Shoes.  Anyhow, please contact Tim and see if he's open to doing an integration with more than just Magento.  If he is, please Contact Us and we'll get in touch with Tim to get this going for you.  Thank you.