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Reindexing & Flushing Cache


One of the things that takes getting used to in Magento is Index Management and Cache Storage Management, especially when Magento is integrated with your POS system.  Sometime for what may seem like no apparent reason, new products do not show up online even though you can see them in the Magento back-end.  You initial reaction may be that something is wrong with the Integration to your POS system.  However, if upon closer inspection the product does indeed have inventory and the product is enabled, then you might simply need to reindex the website and flush the cache.

You can find both Index Management and Cache Management under the Magento System menu option.  How both of these features are used is explained below.


Reindexing your website in Magento can be a little scary but it is actually quite easy.  Simply:

  1. Click on Select All
  2. Make sure Reindex Data is selected next to Actions
  3. Click Submit

Depending on the site of your website and catalog this can take anywhere from a few minutes to 10 minutes or more.  Let Magento do it's think and wait until you see the green confirmation message at the top of the screen.

Flushing Cache

Flushing the Magento Cache is a lot like reindexing the server.  Here's are the steps:

  1. Click on Select All
  2. Click on Flush Cache Storage
  3. Click on Flush Magento Cache

Again, this might take several minutes depending on the size of your website.  Be patient and wait until you see the green confirmation message at the top of the page.


That should be all you need to do.  However, it's always prudent to double-check your website just to make sure.  Please browse through your website to make sure everything seems normal and the products that were missing are now available.

If you are still having problem please submit a Support Request and we'll be happy to take a look for you.  Thank you.