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Are Shoppers and Subscribers different? Does the Subscriber list include the Shoppers' total?



Shoppers are people who've placed orders on your website.  Subscribers are people who are included in your e-mail marketing mailing list. Every Shopper is also a Subscriber. This happens automatically, and the consumer does not have a choice because they are always added to your mailing list whenever they place an order on your website.

The difference in Subscribers minus Shoppers are people who are on your mailing list but have never placed an order with you. These Subscribers can be added in a variety of ways including:

  1. They added their e-mail address directly on your website and have signed up on your list.
  2. Someone at your store added them in Store Manager.
  3. They were added to your mailing list in bulk.

While you didn't ask about it, Unsubscribed are those people who have asked to be removed from your mailing list.

Please let us know if you need anything else.  Thank you.