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PASTEQUE WooCommerce Integration


I have an online store that uses Wordpress & WooCommerce, and I have a physical shop, using "Pasteque" as POS (open source software

Are you able to create a plugin for WooCommerce, which could connect the stocks between our e-shop and physical shop?


Yes we can integrate WooCommerce with PASTÈQUE.  The simplest, and least costly thing we can do is set up what we call a "one-way integration."  Basically, this works by using an inventory report from PASTÈQUE to update the inventory and pricing in WooCommerce.  You can run this report as often as you like, usually on a daily basis, and upload it to our integration website.  Our software will chug through the report and update the inventory directly in WooCommerce.

We can also do a more sophisticated "two-way integration," but we would need to get in touch with the folks at PASTÈQUE to understand their capabilities.  Do they have an established API?   Maybe they have some other mechanism to integrate with PASTÈQUE?

Please Contact Us and let us know if you’d like to talk further, we'd be happy to set up a call with your and/or PASTÈQUE.  Thank you.