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Picking A WooCommerce Theme


Picking a WooCommerce Theme can be intimidating because there are so many great options in the market. It's easy to become become overwhelmed by so many choices, and often having such a wide selection can make it difficult to figure out which theme is right for your store.

Keep in Mind

To make things easier for you, here are some things to keep in mind when picking your theme.

  • Does the theme fit your look and esthetic (modern, vintage, colorful...)? Does it have the right vibe?
  • Can you visualize your product within the theme?
  • Theme Layout: Are there multiple options for the home page, slider, blog and if so which layout do you like best?
  • Theme must be compatible with version 3.8 and up of WordPress.
  • Theme must be compatible with Internet Explorer 10.
  • Theme should be Responsive.

Finding WooCommerce Themes

There are lots of websites selling WooCommerce themes for WordPress. To get you started, here are a few sites that offer some great WooCommerce Themes.


Need a little more help finding the right theme? There are a number of great blogs that list some of the top WooCommerce themes on the market.  Here are a few that we found useful.