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Managing Table Rate Shipping


How can I edit the Table Rates when using the Table Rate Shipping Option? 


Using table rates is a great solution when you want to charge different shipping amounts for different types of orders. To set up or edit table rates:

  1. To edit your shipping settings, go to System > Configuration > Sales > Shipping Methods. There you will find all your shipping options. Expand the one you wish to edit, in this case, Table Rates.
  2. Go to Current Configuration Scope in the upper left hand corner of the screen and switch it from Default Config to Main Website. 
  3. Click on Export CSV. This will give you the table rate spreadsheet. Number 1 below. 
  4.  Edit the appropriate fields to reflect your rates and save the spreadsheet to your local drive. Once you are finished, you will need to import it back to Magento. Click on Choose File and select it. Number 2 above.
  5. Save Config.
  6. Switch your Current Configuration Scope back to Default Config.