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Shipping Weights less than one pound


I have a product called plush acorns and they each weigh about 2 ozs. The minimum weight I'm able to enter is 1 lb. If a shopper orders 8 acorns, they will be charged for 8 lbs. whereas the acorns will only weigh 1 lb. Is there a way to adjust for inaccurate product weight?



At this time we can only assign whole number weights to products, so there is no easy way to adjust for this.

If this is an issue for you on a lot of products, the only option at this time would be for us to create a custom shipping module for you where you could place items into a separate department and the system then could be designed  to configure and assign a special shipping weight for those products only. The developers gave an estimate of 2-4 hours ($180-$360) to set this up depending on how complex it needs to be.

For example, you could set up a department called "light" and put all items like the acorns that weigh 2 oz. into this department. Customers would not see the department online, it would only show on the back end. Then the shipping module would be set up to check to see if any items were ordered from that department, and if so, it would multiply the 2 oz. times the number of units ordered, and then round up to the nearest whole number. The system would use that weight when calculating shipping. 

Now if you have other products that are 5 oz, they would have to be in another department with that weight defined... and so on, so it would get more complicated. But you could have one or two to give you an option.