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The Selected Service is Not Available From the Origin to the Destination


Three times today I have come across an issue trying to ship out online sales. This message, "The selected service is not available from the origin to the destination" keeps coming up. I think it has to do with the address, but am not sure where the problem is.



This error is coming from UPS directly, so for some reason they are not accepting the address. 

You can try to edit the address by going to the order and clicking on the "Edit" button under the Ship To address. Sometimes it just takes an edit of the address, and then UPS will accept it. 

If not, you may have to call UPS to find out why they will not accept the address. 

A work around is to go to and attempt to create a label using your UPS account. If this is successful, you can then go in and process the order in Store Manager with the "NO LABEL" choice selected for the shipping option, and then use the label created on or any other shipper.