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Retail Backbone Drop Ship Integration

This articles is outdated, we now have an integration with Retail Backbone!


I'm thinking of using a company called Retail Backbone to help us with our drop shipping.  Could you please look at the attached documentation and let me know if you can integrate our website with Retail Backbone?  Thank you.


Sending your website data around to other 3rd parties is not a problem at all. While the attached documentation does include specific technical information on how to pass data back and forth between our two systems, it appears they have a variety of mechanisms to receive and transmit data.  Modern Retail has the same mechanisms and can easily pass data using our API or our FTP site and flat-files. 

So yes, I don't think integrating with Retail Backbone will be a problem at all.  Please let us know when you're ready to get started and we'll setup a meeting with Retail Backbone to discuss the technical details.  Thank you.