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Returns not going down to POS


Often we will need to edit the amount credited before we process returns. Sometimes we remove shipping, sometimes we prorate the amount for another reason. What can be done to eliminate this conflict with Retail Edge during integration for these transactions?



If the amount in the "Products(s)" field does not match the subtotal of the products being returned, the order will be declined. 

You can get around having this problem by NEVER changing the amount that is in the "Product(s) field when doing a return. For example, see below. I did a return on one of your orders and returned two products. 

If I wanted to change the amount to be credited to the card, I would use the coupon discount field to lower the amount by adding in a positive dollar amount (100.00), and then click on the red total to see the amount change to -128.00. 

This way the card is not credited the full amount, but the product amount (228.50) matches the amount in your POS for the item(s), so the POS will accept the order.