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Beautiful Apparel: Site Imagery


The Beautiful Apparel Theme offers many layout and options.  This article will provide dimensions needed for images that will be used throughout the site as well as how to use some of the theme features.  Below is a link to the theme in case you want to view the different layouts and type of imagery.

Site Imagery

Lifestyle images are an important aspect of your site; they help create the look and feel you want to create online.  Be thoughtful as you pick your imagery as it's how you merchandise your online store.  Below are different image you may use throughout your site.

Note: The following dimensions are based on what works best with the theme's layout.  Occasionally, the height of the images may be adjustable, but the width is not.

Homepage Slider Images

Slider Images are the first thing people see when visiting your site.  Be sure to use images that capture your shoppers' attention while reinforcing your brand.

  • Dimensions: 970px wide x 460px tall

Shopping Landing Pages:

Images on your shopping landing pages help reinforce the products within your departments as well as give you the opportunity to showcase a mix of your products.

You will want to create an image for each of your main shopping departments (i.e. Men, Women, Apparel, Accessories...).

  • Image Dimensions: 850px wide x 350px tall


Modern Retail highly recommends blogging as it adds meaningful content to your site as well as keeps it fresh (not to mention the SEO benefits)!

  • Image Dimensions: 800px wide x 600px tall

Optional Page Layouts

The following pages are different layouts the theme offers.  These layouts can be used for additional content you'd like to add to your site (i.e.  Meet the Staff, Inspiration, Trends, etc.).  If you would like to use any of these layouts, be sure to speak with your project manager about the possibilities.


  • Image Dimensions: 800px wide x 600 px tall


  • Image Dimensions: 120px wide x 120px tall


  • Image Dimensions : 800px wide x 600 px tall


  • Image Dimensions : 800px wide x 600px tall