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Exchanges in HipCommerce


We had a customer order one shirt, but they want us to ship another shirt instead. Is there a way we can exchange the two shirts in our system?



I am sorry that there is no easy way to do this as once the order is placed, it has to be either processed or cancelled. The order is like a contract between you and the customer, and making changes on either side voids the terms. As a result, a new order needs to be created.

The system was designed originally this way to provide both sides with protection, but we realize that this does make exchanges difficult. We are looking to enhance the system to provide a better way of doing this. In the mean time, the customer either has to place a new order or you can process the existing order and ship out the exchange item. If you do this, you will have to manually change the inventory in your POS as well as edit the amount charged to the customer. The other option is to cancel the order and handle it like you would a phone order.