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Wishlists & Gift Registries

Are you looking to add Wishlist and Gift Registry features to your WooCommerce website?  Well, the following extension is for you:

This extension not only allows consumers to create and share wishlists with their friends and family members but it also allows stores to create gift and bridal registries.  Consumers and store owners can decide how accessible they want to make their Wishlist and Registries according to the following three access levels:

  1. Public - Anyone can search for and see this list. You can also share using a link.
  2. Shared - Only people with the link can see this list. It will not appear in public search results.
  3. Private - Only you can see this list.

Want items to be automatically removed from the list after they've been ordered?  No problem, just set the Automatic Removal option to Yes.

Please submit a Support Request if you'd like Modern Retail to help you set up, configure and get Wishlists or Registries added to your website. Thank you.