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Heartbleed Vulnerability & Replacing Magento SSL Certificate


Thank you for keeping me up to date regarding the Heartbleed Vulnerability. Yes, I would like to replace the SSL Certificate on our Magento server.  Could you please get this done for us?


Yes, no problem at all.  VeriSign must have been getting a ton of requests because they have just added a new option updating "Revoke and replace" with a new "Replace".

This new option is better because we can now Replace the current SSL Certificate, leaving the current one active until the new Certificate can be created.  The old method using Revoke and Replace would require us to bring down your website for a while until we could replace your certificate.  Of course you could have also have purchased a new certificate but with this new Replace option that's not necessary.  I'm sure that's more information than you need but I wanted to explain it to you. 

Your new SSL Certificate is in place and all ready to go on your Magento server and there was no extra charge from VeriSign.

Please let us know if you need anything else.  Thank you.