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Old Dreamweaver Websites Being Retired

January 6, 2014

Time has finally come to retire all websites build using Dreamweaver.  While the Dreamweaver development tool has served us well since 1998, it is no match for the newer platforms being used now such as WordPress and Magento.  Building your website using a platform makes your website easier to manage and gives you an endless supply of plugins and extensions to make your website more robust, engaging and competitive.  Therefore, on January 1, 2015 these websites will no longer be supported by Modern Retail.

Next Steps

Please contact Modern Retail to get your website upgraded to either WordPress E-Commerce or Magento.  Modern Retail will work with you to help you decide which platform is right for your business. There are many options available to you on both platforms including websites that are built using a Theme.  Themed-based websites give you a great-looking website that are loaded with features at a fraction of the cost it would take to design from scratch.  There are literally thousands of themes for both WordPress and Magento, and nearly all new themes will make your website responsive on mobile devices. 

Of course Modern Retail can also custom design a new website for you on either of these, and other platforms, as well.

Please submit a Support Request today and someone will get you to discuss which e-commerce platform is right for your business.