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Category Mapping for Data Feeds

In order to get the data feed running, you will need to map the categories in Magento appropriately. To do this, 

1) Go to Catalog → Data feed manager -> Data Feeds 

2) Scroll down to the feed you wish to edit, click on the dropdown at the far right and select “Edit”

3) Once in the feed, go to the Categories tab. You can collapse the black box and click and drag it out of the way.




4) For every category, type the category name in the field where it says “mapped as”. You know that there is no category mapped to it if it says “empty”


SAVE OFTEN!!!!! Save after you add a couple of the categories in order to avoid doing all of them at once and then realizing that internet connection has been lost or you have been logged out out of backend and all your progress is gone.


For more information on specific feeds, see the following:


For more information on the extension we use for these feeds, see the following Help page on Data Feed Manager.