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Allow Backorder


There are 2 ways to allow backorder:

  1. At the product level.
  2. At the item level.

The steps and notes below will explain the difference as well show you how to allow backorder.


Product Level

Allowing back order at the product level means that every option (size or color for example) available for that product will be available on your site; regardless of inventory or Quantity on Hand, levels.

To enable back order at the product level, simply check the "Allow Backorder" checkbox in the inventory management area on the firs edit product screen.



Be sure to click "Save" when you're done with your edits!


Item Level

Often, clients would like to allow backorder for a specific size or color option, but not for the whole product.  Store Manager has the flexibility to allow you to enable backorder on a specific item within a product.  Here's how.


  1. Find your product.
  2. Go to Edit Options
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the screen where you see the Product Items Table.

  1. In the far right column, you'll see the Allow Backorder field.  It will be set to "false" by default.

  1. Click "Edit".
  2. Check the Allow Backorder box and then click "Update".

You can follow this same process for any additional items you'd like to allow backorder.

Be sure to click save before you leave this page!