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Slider: Flex, Vintage Style Theme


Updating your sliders on the homepage is easily done through WordPress.  Follow these steps to add new or update sliders.


  1. Log into WordPress > Vintage > Flex Slider in the side menu.
  2. Fill in the following pieces of information:
  • Image Title
  • Image Description
  • Image URL/Upload *See Below*
  • Caption Position
  • Button
  • Button Caption
  • Button Link
  • Click ADD

Here's an example of the information filled out on the Slider.

How to Upload a Slider Image

Depending on whether your slider is on your computer or has already been uploaded into your WordPress media library will determine how you will upload your image.

Before you upload the image be sure to crop it to the appropriate size.

Slider is on your Computer:

  1. Click the upload button.
  2. Find the slider on your desktop, then click choose.
  3. Image URL will fill in.

Slider in your WP Media Library:

  1. Go to the Media Library.
  2. Click on the slider image then copy the File URL.
  3. Go back to the Flex Slider and paste the file URL into the Image URL location.