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Returning an Order


Orders are returned when the Shopper returns an item.  Follow the steps below to return an item.


  1. Find the order in your Shipped Orders List.


  1. Open the order by clicking on the order number.


  1. Click "RETURN ITEMS"


  1. Select the Shipment the returned items are in.  (Store Manager always assumes an order was shipped in multiple shipments.)



  1. Click Update.

  1. Select which items in your shipment are being returned by checking the box next to the item.

  1. Click Update.  This will update the product amount to be refunded.


A few notes on amounts being refunded:

  • Shipping is never refunded.  If you want to refund someone's shipping charge, you must edit the Shipping field.
  • Tax will be calculated for you if a refunded tax amount is due.
  • Coupon values will be calculated if there was only ONE item in the original shipment.  If it was a multi item shipment and there was a coupon used, Store Manager will NOT calculate a coupon amount to be refunded.  We leave it to your discretion to apply the coupon value however fits your policies & practices.


  1. After reviewing the amounts to be refunded, click Execute to process the return.


On the next screen you'll see the refunded amounts updated.


  1. Just like when you process an order, the last step is to click "SAVE/SEND".  Clicking "SAVE/SEND" will send your shopper an email notification that their return has been processed.

Consider sending the shopper a note via the Email Shopper field thanking them for their business and advising them it may take a few days, depending on their financial institution for their credit to appear in their account.