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Facebook / Admin Role


We would like to publish our Blogs from WordPress to appear on our Facebook timeline, but need to make Modern Retail an Administrator on the page first.  How do we do that? 


Making Modern Retail, or anyone that has liked your store's Facebook page and administrator is easy!  Follow these steps:

  • Make sure Modern Retail or the person you would like to be an administrator has "liked" your store's Facebook page.
  • Log into Facebook and navigate to the store's page.
  • From the top menu, click the drop down for "Edit Page".




  • Type in the email address associated with the new Administrator's Facebook account or enter their name.  If you are typing someone's name, Facebook will start to search thru the users who have liked the page and provide a list of names to pick from.
  • You must choose the role the administer will have.  For the WordPress Facebook feed to work, Modern Retail must be a an Administrator on Facebook..




  • Click Save.
  • You'll get a pop-up window that will ask for your password.  This is your personal Facebook password.  Enter the password and click "confirm".

That's it!  Modern Retail can now complete your ShopTab set up!

 Date Created: 11/22/13