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Blind Carbon Copy (BCC)


Is there a way to send emails using the emailing system to multiple people, however keeping the email names undisclosed on private if they were all CC'd into one email?


NOTE: You cannot use your personal email to send out bulk electronic email to your customers!  Personal email accounts are not made to send out bulk messages and instead require special services such as the one built into Store Manager, Constant Contact, MailChimp and ExactTarget.  Additionally, if you use your own email account you will most likely be violating the CAN-SPAM act, which is not something you'll want to do!

This feature is called Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) and works similar to the To and Cc fields except that people receiving the message cannot see the other people who also received the message.  To display the BCC field you need to select it from the More men.

Then type or select the email addresses in the field.

That's it!