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When I open a newly imported product in Magento, the URL key field is already completed with the un-edited name from my POS system. When I edit the product, isn't the name I type into the name field supposed to copy down to the URL key field so that the URL key field matches my product name on my website? 


When new products come over to Magento, the URL key field on the General Tab is blank. When you open a new product to edit it, whatever you type in the Name field will be copied down to the URL key field so that they match. However if a re-index of your site occurs before you open the product, the URL key field will be completed with whatever is in the name field. This is whatever you have in your POS system. So if you haven't edited the products yet, the URL key field will be populated with the info from your POS system. Since re-indexes occur all the time for many different reasons, this may appear to happen sporadically. Consequently, if a product is re-indexed before edited, you will have to manually edit the URL key field. 



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