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Fraudulent Order


We just recently had someone place an order that looks as if it could be fraudulent, and I wanted to check to see what the process is if It's reported as fraudulent.



Marking an order Fraudulent indicates to the customer that you believe their order information is false or there is a no-faith aspect to their order that prohibits you from fulfilling the order. This may include false billing or shipping addresses, stolen credit card alerts from a creditor or bank, a failed credit verification and other such warning signs. 

This status designation should be used with great care; legitimate customers who accidentally type the wrong credit card number or address may be offended if you mark their order Fraudulent. When marking an order Fraudulent, Modern Retail recommends adding a note in the E-Mail Message to Shopper field explaining the reason for the status change.


1. Change Status to Fraudulent.

2. Write note to customer explaining the status change.

3. Click Save/Send to set the Status and send your message & status update to the customer.

Note: If at a later time you need to change the status from Fraudulent back to New so that an order can be shipped out, please put in a Support Request with the order details, and we will change the status for you.  

Fraudulent orders are not included in Modern Retail's monthly billing.