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FedEx API Change Breaks Magento Shipping


Suddenly I'm unable to create or print FedEx shipping labels in Magento. Every time I try to create a shipping label I get the following error message:

  • An error occurred while creating shipping label.

I don't know what happened?  I did not change any settings in Magento during this time.  Can you help?


I was successfully able to reproduce your FedEx shipping label error in Magento:

Looks like FedEx is the culprit here!  On Sunday, March 16, 2014 FedEx shutdown a service used by Magento to calculate rates, track packages and printing shipping labels.  Luckily our friends over at WebShopApps have created a patch that fixes this problem, which you can find here:

We have implemented this patch on your website and you should now be able to create FedEx labels in Magento again.  Thank you.