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In-House Email Hosting


I need to keep my email server in-house rather than moving over to your services.  Can this be done?


While we highly recommend using Modern Retail or some other 3rd party to host your email, we can provide greater reliability to your in-house email system by setting up something called Split Domain Routing.  Split Domain Routing basically routes all email through Rackspace's highly secured and reliable email infrastructure first before passing the messages off to the store's in-house email server.

This setup can be especially helpful when a retailer's in-house email server is utilizing the store's internet connection.  Because email is routed to us first, messages will not get lost or bounced when the store's internet connection goes down or becomes unavailable.

You can read more about Split Domain Routing on Rackspace's website:

This is a very complicated topic so please don't hesitate to submit a Support Request if you have any questions.