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Product Zoom


Product Zoom gives you the ability to show an enlarged version of your products.  Consumers find this feature useful because they can see the detail of your products without ever having to leave the Product Page.

Default Zoom

As long as we can remember we've shown larger version of your images on the Product Page.  Consumers see these enlarged versions by simply clicking on the image, or one of the alternate images.

These larger images are shown right on the Product Page in a lightbox.  Visitors can see larger versions of any of the alternate images by clicking on thumbnail image at the bottom of the page.

This default action is still available but now includes some additional options on how the zoom is shown on the page.

Zoom Options

To use the enhanced Product Zoom feature you must first enable it by going to Store Settings > Product Page Settings in WordPress.  Simple click on Enable Zoom

Once it is enabled you will be able to select three different Zoom Styles:

  1. Inner
  2. Window
  3. Lens

These three Zoom Styles are illustrated below.

Inner Zoom

The Inner Zoom option simply displays the enlarged version of the product in the same frame as the original default image.  Consumers can pan around the image to see the details, without the size of the frame getting any bigger or smaller.

Window Zoom

The Window Zoom option display the zoom feature to the right of the image, overlaying the Product Name, Price, Descriptions and Options.

Lens Zoom

The Lens Zoom option displays a zoomed in area on top of the image.  Consumers can pan around the image to detailed areas of the product.

All of the above Zoom Style options also include the Default Zoom, which shows a larger version of your images in a lightbox on the Product Page.  As described above, this is the feature your website has always included and is a nice view when consumers click on your images.