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Sales Tax


Clients have the ability to manage their sales tax rates.  The options include updating or change the sales tax rate; adding a rate for a new location opened in another state as well as adding or removing departments who's tax status has changed.

To access Sales Tax Settings, log into Store Manager > Website > Setup > Sales Tax and follow the steps below.

  • Once you've navigated to the Sales Tax screen, click "add".


  • Select your State from the drop down.

  • If all the departments on your site are taxed at the same rate, leave the Department option set to "0".

  • If you offer Gift Certificates online, select the Gift Certificates from the departments drop down and set the tax rate to 0.

  • If you have a department that is taxed at a different rate than other departments, select the department and set the rate for the department.

  • The Tax column should be set to "TAX".
  • Enter the tax rate in the Tax Rate Column.
  • The dates should be set to the start date of the new tax rate.  We recommend you set the end date to 30 years out, this will insure tax will be collected.

Hit "insert" after all your information has been entered.

Typically, municipalities adjust their tax rates annually.  Rather than delete or edit your current rate, we recommend you change the end date of the "old" rate and create a new tax rule for the new rate.

For those cities or states that charge tax based on how much is spent, i.e.; products less than $50 are charged 8% tax and products over $5 are charged 10% tax a developer will have to establish a tax module for you.