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Today Yoast announced the release of their SEO Premium plugin for WordPress.  Modern Retail has been using the Yoast WordPress SEO plugin for years and we find it an indispensable plugin for our customers.  This new premium version sounds interesting because it includes an integration directly with Google Webmaster Tools. Being able to see site errors directly inside of WordPress rather than having to login to Google Webmaster Tools is certainly a plus. 

You can also create what's called a 301 redirect from the old URLs to the new URLs directly within WordPress.  Luckily, Modern Retail automatically creates "out of stock" pages for products that are no longer available.  This feature negates the need to manually create 301 redirects for these pages using this tool, which account for the majority of the errors our clients used to see on their website. 

Nevertheless, this new WordPress SEO Premium plugin will be useful to our clients if nothing more to be able to see what's happening with their website directly from WordPress . Please read the full release from Yoast below.

Date Created: 01/23/14


Release WordPress SEO Premium

Big news this week! It took a long time (mea culpa) but we now proudly present the new functionality in our WordPress SEO Premium Plugin! And this new functionality is really awesome!

Our new WordPress SEO Premium plugin is upgraded with a Google Webmaster integration and new redirect functionality. The Google Webmaster integration allows you to generate a list of all crawl-errors Google encountered when spidering your website. This list will automatically be sent to the redirect-module.

Our new redirect functionality subsequently shows a list of all the errors in Google Webmaster Tools in a clear format. It allows you to directly and easily change the old url’s into the new correct url’s.

If you have a very large website you might not want WordPress to handle your redirects because it slows your server down. We’ve got that covered: the plugin can also generate redirect files for Apache and NGINX that you can just include in your server config. This way you can manage the redirects from WordPress but have the redirects dealt with by your web server.

Buying a WordPress SEO Premium plugin license will allow for both this extra functionality as well as for support. So, do not hesitate and buy our new WordPress SEO Premium Plugin today!

Simultaneously to developing our premium functionality, Joost and Barry are working at the core WordPress SEO plugin. You can thus expect regular updates and big improvements to our free WordPress SEO plugin as well!