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Slow Homepage


The graphic on my homepage is loading very slow.  You can see this for yourself by going to my website and opening up the homepage.  Watch carefully and you'll see the banner load row by row.  Is there anything you can do to speed this up?


I believe this is related to the size of images you're uploading to your homepage slideshow. If you take a look at the attached image you'll see it is 700 KB in size.

This is pretty large especially when you consider this is just one of several images in a slideshow.  You will want to ask your graphic designer to optimize these images, and all images on the website, to make them as small in file size as possible while still having acceptable image quality.

To give you an idea how big 700 KB is, we used to make sure the entire page, with all the graphics and images on it, was less than 100 KB in total. While times have changed and people have faster and faster connections at their disposal, many people are accessing your website on mobile devices with slower speeds.  The one thing nice about modern browsers is that these images will be cached locally on their device so subsequent visits to your website will be faster.

As you can see optimizing images on your website, especially on your homepage, is still important.


Date Created:  03/11/2014