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360 Degree Product Photography


We've done a little research about 360 product photography and wondered if you've implemented a plug in or feature for any of your WordPress stores to accommodate this type of imaging.

We appreciate any information and/or direction related to this topic.


I looked at a few plugins on and will have the developers take a look and see what would be involved to add something like this, if it is possible.  Here's the plugin I noticed that looked promising:

Date Created: 01/20/14

Follow Up

Ok, here's the scoop on this enhancement. Using the plugin above, we think we can get this done for you. However, we suggest before we start this enhancement, that you try creating some of these 360 degree images. One of our employees (Roy) has actually done these 360 degree images and relayed that they are very hard to create and time consuming. He also suggests you get the right equipment because you're going to take a lot of photos and need to get the placement and angles just right or it's going to look bad. The above link includes a video and if you look closely, you'll notice they use 36 images of their product to create their 360 degree view. To take pictures at this level of quality takes some nice equipment as well, such as:

You can find the above equipment on this website:

We'd love to do this enhancement for you and our developers are stoked to do it, but we wanted you to know the financial and time commitment business because these 360 degree shots take a lot of time.

Date Created: 01/22/14