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Credit Card Processing Using

In order to process credit cards online, you will need to establish an account with is a payment “gateway” that securely passes the credit card information collected at checkout to your Merchant Account.  Your merchant account is the company/bank that actually processes the credit cards for your store.

To establish your account and/or a merchant account, please contact your in-store credit card processor or bank. Tell them you need to set up an account for your ecommerce store. They will know exactly what you need and should be able to turn around the account set up pretty quickly.

Once your account has been established, you will recieve a welcome email prompting you to establish a login ID, password, and security question. Note that login credentials with age every 30 days, so be sure to record your credentials in a secure place. In order to properly set-up Magento for credit card processing, please put the following information in a WordDocument:

  • your user ID
  • password
  • the answer to your secret question.

This information should be posted on the Project Management site for your Project Manager. Modern Retail Support will log in to your account and ensure your account settings are accurate, test your account settings, and place test orders to verify that the payment gateway is working correctly.