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Join & Leave Messages for Subscribers


Shoppers have the ability to subscribe or unsubscribe from your mailing list at any time.  When they take either action, they will receive a confirmation message from your business.  You can control this message in Store Manager > Website > Setup > Join/Leave Messages.

Your Project Manager will place "boilerplate" text for you; however that text can be updated at any time!  Both the join and leave messages will contain your logo and links to the mailing list page.

Both the Welcome and Leave Message fields use the same editor you see when writing long descriptions.  This editor gives you the ability to change fonts, add images and customize the appearance of the message.  Don't get too crazy though - you want the messages to look profession and make it past SPAM filters.

Welcome Message

This is the confirmation email your shopper will receive when they join your mailing list.  A few sentences welcoming the shopper to your mailing list and explaining the benefits of being on the list are sufficient.  Consider including a coupon code as a way of saying thank you for joining!Leave MessageThis is the message your shopper receives when they leave your mailing list.  Consider inviting feedback about why they are leaving; include a link to your contact us page.  Also consider including a coupon code as an enticement to get them shopping and falling in love with your site again.