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Adding or Editing Users


Account Owners and Administrator have the ability to control their users; who has access to features and functionality within Store Manager. 

To add or edit a user, log into Store Manager and go to Website > Users.

Required fields to create a user are:

  • First and Last Name
  • Email address.   The user's email address will become the username.
  • Password.  Passwords must contain at least 6 characters, have one capital letter and one number.
  • Access Level. See below.
  • View/Edit Credit Cards.  If this feature is enabled, the user will have the ability to view or edit credit cards during order fulfillment.

There are 3 levels of Users:

  • Account Owner:  Account Owner status is reserved the account owner. This user level has full access to all the features of Store Manager; can add, remove or edit all other users and can see the Store Manager Dashboard.
  • Store Administrator: Store Admins have all the same privileges of an Account Owner, but cannot edit, add or remove Account Owners.
  • Store User: Store Users have access to areas of Store Manager that are pre-selected for them by either a Store Admin or Owner.  They do not see the dashboard.

User statuses and accessibility can be changed at any time by either an Account Owner or Store Administrator.  Additionally, all user levels can have the ability to see and edit credit cards enabled or disabled at any time.