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RingCentral Experience & Thoughts


We spoke about this a while back, but I just wanted to check again. Are you guys still happy with Ring Central? I'm shopping a few companies. The two things I care most about are reliability & mobility/forwarding functionality. How do you like the iOs app?


Yeah, we still love it! I know there are alternatives like Google Talk, but honestly we've been using Ring Central for so long I couldn't even imagine switching. The admin interface is a little confusing and I sometimes find it hard to make the changes I need. In those cases, I call support and they usually help me figure it out. One of the things that makes the interface complicated is the number of options and ways you can customize RingCentral; it really has options for everything we ever need!

Both the PC-based software (Softphone) and the iOS apps are great. Users sometimes have problems with the Softphone (VOIP users) on the Mac, but I have very little problems on Windows 7. The iOS app is cool because you dial like anything else, but it connects directly to RingCentral, hiding/shielding your cell phone number from the person you are calling.

Regarding reliability, we have very few problems with RingCentral and we've been using them since 2006.

Good luck and let me know if you need any more help. Thanks.


Date Created: 01/10/14